IBM i related smartphone apps

Some of these apps are for Android, some for iOS, and some have versions for both.
This page has numerous categories including "IBM AS400", "IBM DB400", "IBM SQL" and "IBM RPG". The stated purpose is to use the questions in preparation for job interviews. This is a great idea. The quiz can also be used to refresh skills, supplement training for beginning programmers, and gain additional knowledge.

For example the question and answer regarding debugging and correcting a *MSGW job seems very helpful.

Some of the answers seem incomplete but that might be to preserve brevity. Most questions and answers fit on one screen. Overall I give this app high marks. The app is free.
This application from a group called OSS Mobile Apps provides a great reference tool for RPG programmers.

Especially useful are the Functions and Opcode reference sections. The ASCII/EBCDIC listings may be useful for some. The System i Information Center goes to a Wiki-like page that lists RPG's progression by OS starting with S/36 and ending with 7.1.

The Go Pro! tab was actually a dead link going to the Google Play Store with "Item not found." (??). I guess that means use are your own risk! This company also has free FTP and SFTP apps, a file transfer by QR scan app, and an SMS auto-response to text messages app among others.

  • IBM Redbooks
A new look for an old friend:

Get IBM Redbooks on mobile from either iBookStore for iOs or Google Play for Android.

  • IBM Systems Magazine Power Edition (for iPad)


Of course there many other apps available and the number is steadily increasing. For example several graphical UI, VPN, and 5250 emulation apps are available.

If our readers have any related web apps that prove useful please let us hear about it!

Tips for better spool file management

You might find the "green screen" spool file a little cluttered and cumbersome. One benefit of using Operations Navigator is that you can sort spool entries by name. Older copies of compiles become easier to locate and delete.

1. Using the Operations Navigator

Basic Operations

Printer Output

Click on "File Name" column to sort by name (and date). Delete any old/duplicate entries, job logs, etc.

An alternative is to use the selection capabilities for deleting more than one spool file at a time.

2. Using WRKSPLF



For example enter a value in USRDTA if all desired spool entries (and no others) have the same USRDTA. USRDTA is a column in WRKSPLF that can be viewed.

If your shop still has the TAATOOL library check out the available variations of WRKSPLF. You might find that some of the versions are even better than the IBM default.