Change job message logging

To receive fewer informational messages in the job log for all CL programs that use a given job description:

chgjobd jobd(QGPL/myJOBD) log(1 00 *nolist)

The above keywords should be changed to reflect the library and job description you wish to change.
The amount of information you get in the job log is dependent on three settings, the level, severity, and text.

0 no messages are logged
1 all messages with severity level >= message logging severity
2 level 1 plus high-level job messages
3 level 1 and 2 plus CL commands if allowed by CL log attribute
4 all messages with severity > message logging severity

00 - 99 Works with the Level to determine what severity above which you still want to see messages.

*MSG only message text is written to the job log
*SECLVL both message text and message help are written to the job log
*NOLIST if job ends normally no job log is produced. Abnormal endings of job end code 20 or greater will create a job log including both message text and message (recovery) help.

This is especially handy for mature job streams where job logs are currently ignored.

The same parameters can be set to change a specific job, which will override the jobd settings for that job.

chgjob job(myJOB) log(1 10 *SECLVL)