Improve CMPPFM results with the OPTION parameters

When comparing source members using the CMPPFM (Compare Physical File Member) command the OPTION parameter should be understood as it is very powerful and can increase your productivity and accuracy. From a command line prompt the command CMPPFM then press F10=Additional parameters. Next, prompt again on the Process option field(s).

screen print of cmppfm OPTION parameters

Of particular note the capabilities available:
  • ignoring case (when upper case versus lower case differences are not important)
  • ignoring reformatted lines (ignore indention for example)
  • limiting comparison to the source columns (ignore extreme right and leftmost comment columns)
  • omitting blank lines and/or omitting comment lines (based on RPG, RPGLE, DDS, etc. although this should be used with caution as many times comments are entered to explain why the changes were made.)
Normally for comparing source members leave the Compare type CMPTYP = *LINE for a line-by-line comparison and Report type RPTTYP = *DIFF to list only differences.

If you have not done so yet please read the article regarding MRGSRC which does not replace compare source but is a great addition to any programmer's tool set.