Why "i"? I'll tell you why!

No doubt the IBM i is as relevant as ever. Why am "i" so confident? Consider the following reasons:

1. Security on the IBM i is as strong as ever.
2. The IBM i communications and connectivity capabilities are as strong as ever.
3. The IBM i has a large installed base world-wide. This includes countless applications and billions of lines of code.
4. The IBM i has the resources of IBM to keep it relevant. This is evidence by massive improvements in every major release upgrade.
5. The IBM i is stable and reliable - no viruses or crashes.
6. Integrated Language Environment means RPG, C, C++, and Cobol can call each other.
7. The IBM i is scalable.  It can grow as your business grows.
8. The IBM i is not a new product.  It evolved from previous highly successful machines of System 38,  AS/400, and iSeries.
9. The IBM i is a complete package including OS, software, hardware, and upgrades.
10. The IBM i provides for very low maintenance costs.

True the hardware may cost a little more.  However, the savings on staff required for operation and maintenance, integration of products, and reliability more than offset the initial hardware cost.  CEO's love it!