COPY Append: how to copy more than one screen at a time

Once upon a time not too long ago a warehouse worker was tasked with the tedious job of doing many cut and paste operations during a given work day. When an unnamed consultant showed him 'Copy Append' he was delighted. It saved him time and probably (being human) resulted in fewer errors.

In the emulator (and many other programs as well) the trick is simply to do a 'copy' for the first screen then scroll to the next screen. On the second and subsequent screens before any paste operations do 'copy append' which adds to the data in the clipboard in a sequential fashion.

Once all the data has been copied a simple paste will put the entire amount of data from the clipboard into your graphics program, document, email, spreadsheet or wherever you need to paste it. A simple operation yet exceedingly effective! You might be surprised at how many users are not familiar with this functionality.