Tips for better spool file management

You might find the "green screen" spool file a little cluttered and cumbersome. One benefit of using Operations Navigator is that you can sort spool entries by name. Older copies of compiles become easier to locate and delete.

1. Using the Operations Navigator

Basic Operations

Printer Output

Click on "File Name" column to sort by name (and date). Delete any old/duplicate entries, job logs, etc.

An alternative is to use the selection capabilities for deleting more than one spool file at a time.

2. Using WRKSPLF



For example enter a value in USRDTA if all desired spool entries (and no others) have the same USRDTA. USRDTA is a column in WRKSPLF that can be viewed.

If your shop still has the TAATOOL library check out the available variations of WRKSPLF. You might find that some of the versions are even better than the IBM default.